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Villa Niko

Grandpa Niko’s house follows his life.

Grandpa Niko is our great grandfather and son of grandpa Bobo, born in 1900 in Lika. He was very versatile man, loved traveling and travelled all over the world.

With his wife Lucija he has one son Josip.

Most of his life he spent in Canada where he moved in 1925. He had a private business in catering and music. After many years over there, he came back to his Lika.

The equipment of the villas are a big part of our pride and they’re everything one needs to have a wonderful and unforgetable vacation.

We are talking about the wine-cell, the tavern where our guests get served dishes they desire, inside swimming pool, central heating, van transfer, off road vehicle renting, own covered parking spot, children’s park, garden furniture, TV, satelite, air conditioning, washer and dryer, dish washer, barbeque, steam oven, hair dryer and water source that dates from back in time of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen (dish washer)
1 double bed, 2 king beds, 2 single beds – 8 people
Air conditioning, central heating, fireplace, underfloor heating
Wireless internet (WiFi)
TV (cable)
Private balcony
Swimming pool
Garden and parking spot
Authentic Lika tavern
Charcoal Barbeque

Airport Zagreb (2 hours) or Zadar (40 minutes) – direct drive upon request